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All You Can Eat

All you can eat
Reach and fill your plate
No restriction to feat
Around you see food is complete
Up and down people sit
Dig and fill their stomach till late

Very full it’s the outcome
Error in the process of digestion
Grow the nature numb
Resume new civilization
Ending culture of some
Greed wins and begins the cumbersome

Tanti Ratnakusuma

22 December 2013


Cover eBook Relation-ship

Finally, I have published my poem ebook at Smashwords …


I love poetry since my childhood. But I have a courage to make poems with rhyme just this year, 2013, when a friend, Arnaud van der Veere, intruduced it to me. I publish his poem ebook too, Poetry in eMotion.
I fall in love with rhyme poem because it needs more than just arranging words to make it. I must think hard and open my dictionary and grammar book to make it perfect.

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter
Please remember
Boys will make you surrender

Confident with your own will
They will seduce to make you thrill
Be strong and be chill

You have your dignity
Value high your virginity
Till you gain your maturity

You should decide your own time
It doesn’t make you lame
Also it is not about a fame

You will find a good love
Really sent from above
Pure and free as a dove

A man who think you are so precious
Love and treat you so serious
And soon life won’t be so mysterious

The Journey

Let’s consider this is a long journey

Life is not just bread and honey

But also not only simply

Bad feeling and sad memory


Like the wave we move

Each of us will improve

Time will tell and prove

Should we go to the grove


The day brings sun and more

Sometimes warm and heat

And to us there is more beneath

Cause we want to be stronger than before



Arnaud van der Veere & Tanti Ratnakusuma

28 December 2012