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The Next Step





Marriage is a company

It is about product and money

There will  be director and secretary

Also marketing and monetary

No company will run well

Without ability problems to dwell

Having fights is necessary

And making love as primary

Waking up together daily

Spending time together routinely

Flirting each other so sweetly

Walking and talking so friendly

Remember always to back up

For each of us forever growing up


Tanti Ratnakusuma – 11 February 2013



Relationships is tricky
If it works it is so lucky
Relation needs time investment
It is surely like office management
Couple get close and loose
They want it through the blues
Sometimes hearts so closely
That’s time they are so lovely
The road goes rough like dough
Relation moves on although
Like river which always bend
Make sure the love message send
For all the ones who care
The best time is for share


Tanti Ratnakusuma
2 January 2013