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By Tanti Ratnakusuma

Content is the King


At the first, I think keywords are so important, but then with the Google improvement, content becomes more and more important.

Maybe it is because many of us, the internet users, try to use as many keywords as possible in our websites’ posts. Sometimes so pushy in using keywords in our post that makes it not nice anymore.

The use of content to mark our works is a nice move. We are what our contents all about. We are what our words. So finding originality becomes easier. Nobody is alike. No posts are the same. Our characteristic is seen in our words and sentences.

So the more important our work is to the society, the more higher our rank would be in Google. The nicer work we write, the more visitors will come. Visitors means traffic, traffic means income.


Write, be social and get paid …

By Tanti Ratnakusuma

Have you ever know about Bubblews?


This is a social community writing site.

You should join the site, sign up and start submitting your articles.

Just a simple article, minimum 400 charachers or 1bout 100 words.

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The more you write, the more you will earn …

Check it out, you won’t regret …

All You Can Eat

All you can eat
Reach and fill your plate
No restriction to feat
Around you see food is complete
Up and down people sit
Dig and fill their stomach till late

Very full it’s the outcome
Error in the process of digestion
Grow the nature numb
Resume new civilization
Ending culture of some
Greed wins and begins the cumbersome

Tanti Ratnakusuma

22 December 2013

To Be With You

It is over thousand miles to conquer
The distance we should get over
Sometimes sounds like forever
For us to get closer

It is like an impossible dream
In many sleepless nights to ream
Time are wild rivers that scream
Mixing in a cup as coffee cream

To be with you seems so not easy
East and west stay far and busy
Two worlds to be near seems impossible
Two hearts stay together how could that able

Tanti Ratnakusuma – 21 April 2013


What is in a spark?
It’s a sign that your heart has to park
The ground is no longer frozen
And flowers start to bloom by dozen
So a chemistry is there
Signal for lovers to start where
Don’t forget compatibility
Crucial for solving problems ability
Relationship is complicated
But husband and wife are sophisticated
Communication works by daily
Commitment is always at primary
Nothing can’t be solved
With warm in hearts involved
Never give up in differences
Similarities are just references

Tanti Ratnakusuma
15 February 2013

The Journey

Let’s consider this is a long journey

Life is not just bread and honey

But also not only simply

Bad feeling and sad memory


Like the wave we move

Each of us will improve

Time will tell and prove

Should we go to the grove


The day brings sun and more

Sometimes warm and heat

And to us there is more beneath

Cause we want to be stronger than before



Arnaud van der Veere & Tanti Ratnakusuma

28 December 2012