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Making Money at Home, is that possible?

By Tanti Ratnakusuma


I have that question for years …


I like surfing internet and trying to find ways to make money online from home. Is there really a site that could help me reach my goal?

After spending learning sites all around I find it exhausting because most of them are scams. They offer online education, how to tactics and even free websites and garantee for top rank in Google but … so many difficulties hidden. I have to be online almost everyday and no helping hands at all. I find problems and I have to solve them myself. And the bills keep running. I quit!

Then I find Wealthy Affiliate


This site surprised me at all!

They offer helps, real helps … With real community and real people who concern about solving our problems. I could ask them anything and everything I would like to know. Even the owners themselves are really helpful. Kyle and Carson are very nice and friendly. The other members, the senior ones and the junior ones, are really fine too. So we share problems and how to solve them.

More than that, this site is free


I am not talking rubbish. Really free!

I don’t have to pay to be a member. No hidden bills. No credit card number required. Nothing at all.

So why don’t you check first before you join … Visit here and I will prove that I am Right.

I am a happy member of Wealthy Affiliate now …




How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog

We built a blog to make money online. We put advertisements, dozen of them. We made it as good as possible, pretty colors, attractive fonts, nice pictures, many things … just to be sparkling enough to get attention.
But nobody comes … so we become bored, lost interest, gave up and started a new blog. Then on and on, we jumped from blog to blog. So what to do?
There are a few websites that give you free traffic. Well … not absolutely free, because they want us to surf their webs in return. It is called Traffic-Exchange. We surf their webs and they send traffic to our blog.
Want to try them? Here they are:

Good luck with your blog!

You can smile now with thousands of traffic added up to your blog.