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How much is your intellectual quotient

That’s the quantity of your head content

Are you genius or just ordinary

Is it easy to dig out your memory


The more you train, the more you gain

Cause success is just 1% of your brain

The rest 99% is your perspiration

How you make the idea into action


And how much is the perseverance

Time to time needs your diligence

Won’t work if you give up so easily

Success is a hard work faithfully



Tanti Ratnakusuma

18 March 2013


Real Love

I can live without you

There is no problem

I will stand for my own the same as you

No need to put that as an emblem

My love won’t always be the same

Cause we grow up together

Our love would change and won’t be lame

Cause we walk and help each other

You and I are not one

There is a space between us under the sun

A room to grow for each as one

As a couple of trees we reach high up to the sun

Tanti Ratnakusuma

20 February 2013