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standing on a bay

Please try

To bear it without a cry

When love is calling

No other way for bailing

Brave yourself and go

Forward to the show

The stake is high

Your heart is on a bay

No chance to turn around

Jump is the only option

Embrace the love

Fly as free as a dove


TR – 15 May 2013


Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter
Please remember
Boys will make you surrender

Confident with your own will
They will seduce to make you thrill
Be strong and be chill

You have your dignity
Value high your virginity
Till you gain your maturity

You should decide your own time
It doesn’t make you lame
Also it is not about a fame

You will find a good love
Really sent from above
Pure and free as a dove

A man who think you are so precious
Love and treat you so serious
And soon life won’t be so mysterious