Monthly Archives: April 2013

To Be With You

It is over thousand miles to conquer
The distance we should get over
Sometimes sounds like forever
For us to get closer

It is like an impossible dream
In many sleepless nights to ream
Time are wild rivers that scream
Mixing in a cup as coffee cream

To be with you seems so not easy
East and west stay far and busy
Two worlds to be near seems impossible
Two hearts stay together how could that able

Tanti Ratnakusuma – 21 April 2013




How much is your intellectual quotient

That’s the quantity of your head content

Are you genius or just ordinary

Is it easy to dig out your memory


The more you train, the more you gain

Cause success is just 1% of your brain

The rest 99% is your perspiration

How you make the idea into action


And how much is the perseverance

Time to time needs your diligence

Won’t work if you give up so easily

Success is a hard work faithfully



Tanti Ratnakusuma

18 March 2013