Monthly Archives: March 2013

Soul Mate

Have you ever watched the “Wedding Date”

You will stuck with what Nick said to Kate

“I would rather fight with you than making love with another” that’s what he state

It is so much like a fate

For single who want to find a soul mate

Searching everywhere sometimes with despite

Wishing life give fair share for one satiate


Tanti Ratnakusuma

23 December 2012


Real Love

I can live without you

There is no problem

I will stand for my own the same as you

No need to put that as an emblem

My love won’t always be the same

Cause we grow up together

Our love would change and won’t be lame

Cause we walk and help each other

You and I are not one

There is a space between us under the sun

A room to grow for each as one

As a couple of trees we reach high up to the sun

Tanti Ratnakusuma

20 February 2013


You hug everybody

Encourage each of them is your daily

You write step by step guideline

Make sure they read for their best determine

Just wondering do you need a hug

From someone who circle you like a bug

Waiting for until you sit

So she could hold you tight

And give you a kiss good night



Tanti Ratnakusuma

16 January 2013


What is in a spark?
It’s a sign that your heart has to park
The ground is no longer frozen
And flowers start to bloom by dozen
So a chemistry is there
Signal for lovers to start where
Don’t forget compatibility
Crucial for solving problems ability
Relationship is complicated
But husband and wife are sophisticated
Communication works by daily
Commitment is always at primary
Nothing can’t be solved
With warm in hearts involved
Never give up in differences
Similarities are just references

Tanti Ratnakusuma
15 February 2013


Marriage is a company

It is about product and money

There will  be director and secretary

Also marketing and monetary

No company will run well

Without ability problems to dwell

Having fights is necessary

And making love as primary

Waking up together daily

Spending time together routinely

Flirting each other so sweetly

Walking and talking so friendly

Remember always to back up

For each of us forever growing up


Tanti Ratnakusuma – 11 February 2013