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Online Dating Safety Tips for Woman

By Tanti Ratnakusuma Sumitro 

Ladies, beware of the Fakers

So in every online dating site you are in, please make sure you do these steps:

Step One
Download his photo, go to Google Image and check, some fakers use other man photos he get from Facebook or other sites.

Step Two
Check his message, full of words like “babe”, “honey”, “dear”, too much you can take, be careful.

Step Three
His photo is cool, his message is okay so he ask for your email id, go ahead, give him your new safe email id, not your important work/business/social email and wait for his email.

Step Four
Check his email header. Use this site:
You will find out his real location, cross check with his location according to him, is he a liar?

Step Five
You could check his domain too with Whois Search. Who is his real name?

Step Six
Don’t fall in love too easy. Use your common sense. You are valuable. You are unique. There are plenty of fish in the ocean. If he is not the one for you, there will be another man.

So have fun with your online dating!


Hello Everyone …

Hello Everyone …

I would like to share my experience in life.
I would like to share your experiences in life too, if you are okay.
So let’s have fun in sharing …